OFFGRID Knife Giveaway: VZ Diamante

by | May 27, 2020 | Blades, EDC, Gear, Knives, Survival, Tools

In order to help kick-start your next preparedness project or refresh an old EDC, we’re continuing May the Knife Be With You! – a full month of knife giveaways. We featured a new brand with a new knife giveaway each week. This fourth and final giveaway is a VZ Diamante knife that’s made entirely out of non-conductive G10 polymer. The double-edged dagger is machined from a solid sheet of this material, creating a durable structure and layered appearance. Its razor-sharp tip pierces easily, and its serrated edges slice through resilient materials. It comes with a new handmade leather sheath.

OffGrid MTKBWY VZ Grips Diamante Giveaway

VZ Diamante Details

The Diamante is a fantastic everyday carry tool. They were originally designed for a local E.O.D. squad to be a non-conductive tool for probing explosives. Machined entirely from proprietary G-10, they’re strong and don’t throw a metal signature. We’re also including a newly designed hand-made leather sheath. Overall length is 9.875″ and the width is 2″.

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