How To Become The Gray Man And Blend In Perfectly

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Some people may want to stand out when it comes to their fashion sense. However, when there are dangerous protests or mass gathering, you’d want to blend in easily. Here’s how to become the Gray Man and do just that.

Becoming the Gray Man

For many years, I have been reading articles about becoming a Gray Man. You may have been wondering why people are preparing for something like this.

Now, we are looking at a profoundly serious situation where who you are and what you believe can really dictate your level of safety when you are in certain groups of people. Just imagine wearing a ruby red MAGA hat and walk through an Antifa or BLM protest at dusk. Things are going to get bad for you, quickly.

Blending in is quite simple if you have the right things on hand

Your Gray Man Kit 

While many people like the idea of dressing each day as an inconspicuous gray man, I enjoy wearing shirts and hats with emblems on them. I like being an individual. I think that is true about most Americans. Also, we don’t like the idea of people or situations being so messed up that we literally must regulate what we wear.

To mitigate this, you can create a simple grey man kit:

1. Hat

The Hat Depot 300N Washed Low Profile Cotton and Denim Baseball Cap (Dark Brown)

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One of the quickest ways to jump into grey man status is to have a plain earth tone hat on. Something with a nice, curved brim that covers a bit of your face. These hats are cheap and easy to find. Start building your kit with one of these hats.

You can swap out another hat, disguise your hair, or even help disguise your gender if these things are necessary.

2. Shirt 

Gildan Men’s Crew T-Shirt 5 Pack, Assortment, X-Large

  • Solids: 100 percent cotton; Sport grey: 90 percent cotton, 10 percent polyester
  • Moisture wicking keeps you cool and dry

Americans wear their emotions, hobbies, and passions on their T-shirts. We are living through a time where this kind of expression can be dangerous if you find yourself in a mob or in an area where you are a standout. The fact is we cannot be sure about the level of safety across the nation anymore.

White, grey, and black tee shirts can be bought for cheap and rolled down very slowly. This is the second part of your grey man kit.

3. Jacket 

You should have at least one piece in your kit that allows you to go “gray” in the weather. A simple stasher jacket can go over your larger sweatshirt or winter coat and black you out in a crowd. If you are looking to disappear in a crowd you can do that easily by throwing on an olive-drab (OD) green or black stasher jacket.

This will also help you in the cold or rain.

4. Mask

Mask | How To Become The Gray Man And Blend In Perfectly

There is one standout benefit in all this pandemic madness that adds to the grey man kit. Never before have we been able to walk around with half of our face covered.

Now, we are mandated to be covered up so take that into consideration and use it to your advantage. The mask can do a lot to shield who you are in a situation where you are trying to blend in with protesters.

5. Sunglasses


Polarized Sunglasses for Men and Women Semi-Rimless Frame Driving Sun glasses 100% UV Blocking

  • PROTECT YOUR EYES WITH STYLE We created our polarized sunglasses to PROTECT your eyes while you are out under the harmful sun UV rays and to make you look IRRESISTIBLE at the same time, because we know that Health and Style are both important. Whether you are driving, walking or working, whether you are a man or a woman, prepare yourself for all the prime ATTENTION you can get and the envy of all of those who can’t figure out YOUR LITTLE SECRET: Your KALIYADI Sunglasses.
  • BE MORE RELAXED EVERY DAY Those sunglasses come with top rated POLARIZED LENSES that we tested over time. Polarization reduces glare reflected by mirrors, shiny or polished materials or any other kind of sun rays reflection. You will feel your eyes permanently relaxed because you will not squint anymore! Whether you are driving to work or having a nice sunbath on the beach, you will be LESS TIRED at the end of the day because your eyes are MORE RELAXED.

Since you have a mask and you can cover up the majority of your face, you might as well carry a pair of sunglasses in your kit, too! If you can imagine a hat with sunglasses and a face mask, you would be about as unrecognizable as can be.

6. Behavior 

While the things you wear can have a strong effect on becoming a Gray Man, how you behave is just as important to your mission. You must become the crowd or the town or city in which you are traveling. You must carry yourself like those around you.

If you are walking down a busy New York City street, you better not be the guy who is on a leisurely stroll or you will stand out like a sore thumb. Conversely, if you are taking an evening stroll down Bourbon Street in Louisiana, then you shouldn’t be moving at some breakneck pace.

How you behave as a Gray Man can often be one of the biggest means of blending in. Even someone who may not be dressed the part can certainly fit in by how they talk and act in the crowd.

Don’t Forget Your Purpose

Becoming the Gray Man requires thought. It is about a lot more than just the type of backpack you carry. If you are planning on entering a new area or a dangerous area and attempting to blend in, you should do your due diligence.

Do some research on where you are going and the types of people who live there. Be able to speak to local issues, events, and sports. Also, do some research on popular places that are around the area. It all pays off.

The final note on this subject is to not enjoy it too much! Get out of harm’s way as quickly as possible, no matter how good at being the Gray man you are!

Have you tried becoming a Gray Man before? Share with us your tips on how to seamlessly blend in a crowd in the comments section!

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