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Survival Skills Blog

The Essential Lashing Skill: The Square Lash

Any Boy Scout at one point or another learned lashings.  One of the most useful lashings for you to always know how to do is the Square Lash.  Square lashing can be used to build beds, chairs, ladders, towers and many other things. It’s a strong lash...

Out of Rope? Make Your Own Cordage

Rope is one of those survival items that is truly indispensable. It can make traps, shelters, packs, hammocks, gill nets, and so much more. There’s probably nothing else more essential to have in your bugout bag. There are times though when you may want to opt...

How To Prepare For and Evacuate From A Wildfire

Do you live in an area where wildfires are common? Wildfires can get out of hand pretty quickly, so you must prepare ahead. Here’s how to evacuate if you live near a fire. Evacuating If You Live Near a Fire-Prone Area Since the beginning of 2020, wildfires have...