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Survival Skills Blog

37 Urban Survival Skills To Master Before SHTF

Whether you’re a prepper or not, learn these urban survival skills now and increase your odds of survival, today or in the future! In this article: Open a Can Barehanded Cook the Old-Fashioned Way Survive a Fight Tampon Hacks for Urban Survival Unexpected Urban...

Dark Angel Medical: No Excuse for Ignorance

As you cruise along the highway listening to your favorite podcast, you watch in disbelief and horror as a car a few lengths in front of you swerves violently, knocking a biker clear across three lanes of traffic. You pull over immediately and feel that natural desire...

11 Uncommon Aluminum Foil Survival Uses

How many aluminum foil survival uses do you know? Keep reading to find out the various uses of this unsung hero for emergency preparedness! Aluminum Foil Survival Uses and Hacks for Preppers   A Great Survival Tool In a crisis, you make the most out of everything you...

Deer Hunting For Beginners: How To Get Started

If you haven’t tried your hand at hunting, now might be the time to get involved. Check out our deer hunting for beginners tips below! Deer Hunting for Beginners: Time to Get Started Across the nation, men and women headed into the woods with rifles in hand to bag...

How To Prepare For Lockdown 2.0

We’ve almost reached the end of the year and still, the coronavirus pandemic remains. No one is still safe from it. In fact, a number of countries are facing lockdown 2.0. Will America follow suit? What Will Happen in Lockdown 2.0? Lockdown 2.0 is already happening in...

Dynamic Combative Solutions: The Recipe for Precision

Over the last few months, I’ve taken several handgun classes that incorporated intermediate and advanced concepts. These skills have made me more well-rounded, but it’s critical to periodically check and strengthen the foundation they’re built upon. With this in mind,...