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Survival Skills Blog

550 Cord EDC? Meet QUIKCORD

There you are, in the team room with the unit. As the new guy, you stand, while others sit. You wait for your team leader to give you instructions. Keeping to yourself, you read your Ranger Handbook for the 12th time since you stood on that parade field receiving the...

A Complete Guide To Campfire Cooking

Campfire cooking can be a soothing activity to do in the middle of the wilderness. You can appreciate nature and enjoy the company of friends while preparing meals. Here are the essential things you need to know to make your campfire cooking easier. RELATED: 21 Savory...

What If Your Neighborhood is Attacked by an Angry Mob?

Unfortunately, we live in an era where some groups who claim to be warriors for tolerance and justice show their true colors by being intolerant toward anyone who isn’t completely accepting of their rhetoric and actions. You might just be enjoying a dinner out with...

CCW Insurance: Protecting Yourself on Paper

BANG, CRASH, BOOM! You live in a gated community in, let’s say, St. Louis, Missouri. You’re outside enjoying a Sunday family barbecue in the late afternoon, early evening. The crash is followed by a chant of sorts: “No justice, no peace!” This mantra is loudly...

Gear Up: New Survival Gear for January 2021

Arc’teryx Mantis 32 CAPACITY: 32 Liters (1,963 Cubic Inches) MSRP: $169 URL: We’re fond of gear that looks commonplace in an urban setting but also excels in the backwoods or when SHTF. The Mantis 32 is one such pack. It works great as a commuter bag....

How to Survive an Avalanche | Emergency Preparedness

Many unexpected things can happen during your winter adventure, including disasters such as snow slides.  Make sure you are prepared for these scenarios. Here are some tips you need to know on how to survive an avalanche! Related: Walking On Ice Safety Tips | Winter...