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Survival Skills Blog

American Revolution: The Shot Heard Round The World

Celebrating our Independence Day, we should not and never forget the American Revolution, which paved the way for our freedom. Relive the story below. The American Revolution and The Lessons We Learned As we approach the 4th of July holiday and celebrate the...

Complete Guide To Digging A Well In Your Backyard

Not many would consider the idea of digging a well in their backyards. However, when SHTF, preppers know better to have a water supply of their own. If you want to give it a try, read our guide below! Tips on Digging a Well in Your Backyard When preparing for the...

Pocket Preps: Keychain Tools

The most important thing about owning a tool is having it when you need it most. Think of a compact pistol in a self-defense situation or a first-aid kit after a catastrophic accident. Neither does you any good if it’s sitting at home while you’re on the...